What People are Saying About Verified Professional Agent™

“The VPA™ Verification validates the growing need that consumers want a recognizable and trusted way to know that they are dealing with a qualified and experienced real estate professional. In today’s transparent, web-based corroboration, environment, consumers have a right, a need and a way to know more about who they are dealing with. REALTORS®, your image, your brand, your digital footprint, has never been more important than it is in today’s crowded, uncertain and fast paced world!”

Stefan Swanepoel, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Los Angeles, CA

 “I think this has been an idea that has been too long in the making. Professional @REALTORS need a way to differentiate themselves in a manner that the consumer can actually understand and appreciate. Reviews can be fudged to an extent. This cannot.”

TeachSavvyAgent.com on Facebook

“I don’t promote products unless I believe in them 100%. And I believe in VerifiedAgent.com 100%. To put this in some perspective for you, I’ve been actively promoting and speaking publicly about VerifiedAgent.com since I became aware of the concept several months ago. We even did a webinar recently in which I talked about the concept at length. It is an absolute DIFFERENTIATOR… It is a magical spin in a listing presentation.”

Jeff Lobb, EXIT Realty, New Jersey

“Raising the Bar in real estate has been discussed for years. Verified Professional Agent™ is the first and only Verification in our industry that will enable the consumer to find and enlist the services of a true real estate professional. This has been long overdue. Verified Professional Agent™ not only identifies and verifies the qualifications of a true real estate professional, it actually helps the consumer understand that they deserve more, that they shouldn’t settle for anything less than a VPA™! I can’t think of a better way to raise the standard of professionalism in real estate.”

Chris Nichols, Prudential Utah Elite Real Estate, Orem, UT

“Wondering how to set yourself apart in an industry watered down by same old, same old and just too much competition? Look no further. The brilliance, innovation and value of VerifiedAgent is going to change the way REALTORS market, retain clients and generate business. It’s a standard of excellence that every agent in this business should be aspiring towards.”

Amy Youngren, EXIT Realty, Toronto

“I think Verified Agent (VPA™) is great… I can’t wait to get myself going on my VPA™… I think it all comes down to education… Consumers don’t understand what we do, they don’t know what is involved, it is supposed to be transparent to them, so therefore the perception is that we just show them a house and eventually get a check. It’s time to educate EVERYONE, consumers and real estate professionals alike.”

Maya Paveza, TheHipRoof.com

“VerifiedAgent.com, to me, is just what the industry needs in terms of promoting ethical, experienced agents and their professionalism. Many agent “rating” sites have perfect scores for every agent and many agents have only one “rating.” Consumers see right through that. Being a Verified Professional is about showing your depth of experience and ethics, and a third party Verification is key to corroborating that integrity. I see becoming a VPA™ as a legitimate way for an agent to gain real competitive advantage.”

Mark Jeffers, ERA Realty, Plymouth, MI

“Through many third-party surveys it is clear that the consumers perception of the real estate industry has been less than favorable for far too long. The level of professionalism has been scrutinized and it is time for that to change. The VPA™ program offers real estate agents a Verification process that focuses on peer and consumer reviews, as well as confirmed production. I see this as a unique opportunity for the consumer’s needs to be met and true real estate professionals to have a recognized metric that confirms their focus and success in the industry. Simply put, it is an excellent tool that provides a point of differentiation.”

Debra Trappen, Coldwell Banker Bain, Seattle, WA

“The VPA™ program dovetails 100% with how I conduct my business, so I identified with the goals of this program instantly. Our industry has one of the lowest consumer approval ratings and anything that can be done to create measurable, 3rd-party objectivity is a great start. What consumer would not want to hire a Verified Professional Agent™? I plan to incorporate my VPA™ status on both of my websites, print advertising, business cards, just listed and just sold postcard campaigns and specialty advertising. I have yet to meet a buyer or seller who doesn’t want to hire the best. Consumers crave authenticity, objectivity, professional competency, strong ethics, and a REALTOR® who will first, last and always put their interests first. Having the VPA™ status allows a consumer a measure of confidence that an agent having this status meets objective criteria and furthermore, since this is a voluntary effort on behalf of the REALTOR®, it shows the individual REALTOR® truly cares about their profession and wants to be recognized for helping to “raise the bar” in the real estate industry. While not a panacea, it is one tool (a pretty big and strong tool in my opinion) in the toolbox to help a consumer evaluate prospective REALTORs® who are competing for their business.”

Chris Olsen, Olsen Ziegler Realty, Cleveland, OH

“I love the concept of VerifiedAgent because I have often felt embarrassed to tell people I am a REALTOR® due to the overwhelming consensus the industry is permeated by lack of professionalism, marginalism and people who don’t understand how to do business. I wanted something to separate me from the sea of mediocrity and let my clients and prospects know there is a difference between REALTORS®. A very big difference. VerifiedAgent gives me the opportunity to stand out, differentiate and help people understand there are those of us who have trained extensively in business and practiced real estate as professionals who do a very good job in this industry. I will ensure the VPA™ insignia is on my printed and digital material with links back to VerifiedAgent.com. Since we are a source of referrals and relocations, it is important to support the VPA™ community.”

Kelly Mitchell, ReCake.com, Honolulu, HI

“For most of my 20 year career as a Florida real estate broker, I have been subjected to being thought of as equivalent to a “used car salesman.” The acts of a few… have caused strife to the many. It has been my long time passion of elevating public perception of real estate professionals to be valued as honorable, skilled practitioners serving our communities. There are a couple of significant reasons why I am excited about Verified Professional Agent™.  Agents who attain this valuable verification will be recognized as top notch, credible, professionals and even more importantly, I am positive VPA™s will raise the bar with public perception of real estate professionals.”

Agi Anderson, Real Pro Virtual Marketing, Cocoa, FL

Being a VPA™ offers an advantage going into any appointment I have with folks who do not know me. It offers another level of due diligence for the consumer, and it also says to the consumer I care about what I do and how I serve the public and I am willing to prove it. It is a big plus to have the stamp of approval from a national third party company that is truly objective and independent and not affiliated with any brand or “insider” organization. VerifiedAgent.com makes real estate buyers and sellers selection of a real estate professional easy because they have done the homework for them.”

Loren Sanders, Sea Coast Exclusive Properties, San Diego, CA

The VPA™ Verification helps you hone, amplify and execute modern and relevant success strategies that will please and delight your clients, your bank account and equally important, your soul, sense of self-worth and personal pride. I hope you’ll include VPA™ and its tribe members in your adventure quest for success personal pride and satisfaction.”

Ken Brand, Prudential Gary Greene Realty, The Woodlands, TX

Kudos, Michael McClure, and Verified Agent for raising the bar beyond the term “REALTOR” as a guideline for the consumer public in choosing a professional real estate Agent/Broker to choose when looking to invest in a real estate transaction.”

Barbara Davis-Hassan, Hassan Realty, Pittsfield, MA

“I am big into marketing. The VPA™ Verification is something powerful and goes hand in hand with how we already market ourselves. We use a track record. Its very hard for any agent to fake a track record. With VPA™ only agents who are actually working and have experience will be able to attain it. I intend to put it on my website, in my print ad, on my post cards and talk about it on my radio show The Team Lally Real Estate Show.”

Adrienne Lelly, RE/MAX Honolulu, Honolulu, HI

Make sure you are following @VerifiedAgent which launches at NARAnnual 11-11-11. Big things in the works from some sharp people.”

@Chris_Smth on Twitter

Ecstatic about @VerifiedAgent. This concept is long overdue for such huge industry. I hope this starts a movement.”

@CleveRealEstate on Twitter

“I am working on a post about @VerifiedAgent and I have decided this concept will revolutionize raising the bar in the real estate industry!”

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