Give People Exactly What They Want

Losing Business? It Hurts!

Have you ever wondered why it’s sometimes so difficult to understand the behavior of buyers and sellers?

Have you ever been frustrated when people sometimes choose an agent other than you and you know they end up being poorly represented (we’ve actually had clients come back to us and later apologize for not choosing us!)?

Have you ever lost a listing to an agent with weaker credentials, less experience or questionable ethics?

Are You Showing People that You Have the Right Characteristics?

We have a theory on these things, and it is this: perhaps you are simply not showing buyers and sellers that you have the actual, clearly defined characteristics that they really want!

First, let’s look at what people really want in a Real Estate Professional. An Honest, Trustworthy and Reputable Agent who can successfully navigate them through the often-daunting and growing-ever-more-complex process of buying or selling a home.

What People REALLY Look for in an Agent

The most recent National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers makes this clear. In that study, it shows that the two most important factors in choosing an agent are (1) honesty and trustworthiness, and (2) reputation.

Now stop and consider this: how do you communicate that you ARE these things – honest, trustworthy and reputable – to past and future clients?

Simple: you do that by becoming a Verified Professional Agent™.

We designed the VPA™ Verification to specifically fill a void that we saw in the market.

We designed the VPA™ Verification to empower honest, competent and professional agents like you to win more business.

We Help You PROVE You Have the Right Stuff

The bottom line: when you get Verified, you prove that you have EXACTLY those qualities buyers and seller most want in a real estate professional.

And that allows you to convert opportunities at a higher percentage. And that translates straight to your financial bottom line…

Get Verified. Win more business. Make more money…

People Pay More for Ethically Provided Goods & Services

Money Left on the Table?

Do you occasionally deal with clients who pressure you into reducing your commissions? Do you often find yourself cutting your commissions just because you feel you have to? How much money do you leave on the table every year because of these various competitive pressures? As an example, cutting your commission by just ½ percent on a $200,000 home costs you $1,000, to give you some perspective on how quickly that can add up.

Good News that You Might Not Know 

But we have some good news for you: did you know that people are willing to pay more for goods and services that are ethically provided? They are, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. Here are some of the more relevant quotes from that article:

  • “In all of our tests, consumers were willing to pay a slight premium for the ethically made goods. But they went much further in the other direction: They would buy unethically made products only at a steep discount,”
  • “People with high standards for corporate behavior rewarded the ethical companies with bigger premiums and punished the unethical ones with bigger discounts.”
  • “The lessons are clear. Companies should segment their market and make a particular effort to reach out to buyers with high ethical standards, because those are the customers who can deliver the biggest potential profits on ethically produced goods.”

Don’t Miss the Lessons!

The “Big Takeaways”? If you ARE ethical, people WILL:

  • Pay you more, and or
  • Push you for discounts less frequently

And, in a difficult market like ours, anything you can do to enhance or preserve your commission rates is worth its weight in gold. But how do you show people that you are ethical?

How to Leverage this Knowledge?

That’s where the Verification comes in. We help you objectively prove your credentials as an honest, trustworthy and ethical real estate practitioner by virtue of our Verification process. Our Verification process specifically Verifies your reputation with your past clients and your peer group, and we confirm that you have a clean record of ethical conduct.

We prove these things FOR you. And here is why this is crucial: because we are an independent third party, and therefor far more believable and credible in the eyes of the consumer. If YOU tell them you are ethical, because of the poor reputation of the industry, they may be skeptical. If WE tell them you are ethical, they are probably more likely to believe us.

Get Verified. And turn your legitimate ethical behavior into bottom line financial results…