Genius Brand has named one of its “Genius Brands to watch in 2012.”

Here is a key excerpt from their article:

“2011 was the year of growth, perseverance and blowback in which hundreds of companies launched and saw huge rounds of funding despite a defunct economy. For 2012, we are watching many startups as they grow, but we also have several legacy brands on our watch list as we hear rumors of big changes coming this year. The following 60 brands were narrowed down from hundreds of companies that we have covered at AGBeat that are vying for your attention this year, and all 60 are poised to dominate in 2012.”

Verified Professionals, LLC CEO Michael McClure had the following to say in response:

“Obviously, we’re delighted to be recognized in this fashion, particularly with so many other great companies on the list, like 500 Startups, Amazon, Apple, Better Homes & Gardens, Google+, Hubspot, Klout, Mountain of Agents, Path, Pinterest and Trulia. It’s really an honor, and it just compels us to work even harder to help quality real estate professionals gain the competitive advantage that we know they deserve.”

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