Stand Out from the Crowd

How Can You Compete Against All the Noise?

Have you ever become exasperated when reading other agents’ marketing and advertising?

Have you ever wondered how the public can be so easily duped into believing that there are 20 “number 1” agents in your market?

Have you ever read an ad about an agent that you knew to be untrue, and wondered how you could ever compete against that (because, as an honest agent, you simply cannot exaggerate or distort the truth like you know some other agents do)?

Have you ever wondered how you could stand out from the crowd when so many agents use such similar marketing methods (just pick up any real estate magazine and you’ll immediately see what we mean!)?

How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Here’s the good news: you now have a way to stand out from the crowd and to leverage a message that very few agents can use. You can become a Verified Professional Agent™ (VPA™).

Why is this true? Because so few agents qualify to be VPA™s. It’s that simple.

When we were designing the VPA™ Verification, our goal was to create a series of filters through which only the best, most professional and most ethical agents could successfully pass.

And we did this specifically so that the Verification would actually mean something. And acutally stand for something. And actually carry weight and evidence value and build trust with the public.

Because the public WANTS to trust you. But it’s had so many average (or worse) experiences with our industry that it’s difficult for them TO trust.

You can now give them every reason to trust YOU, to separate yourself from the masses and to objectively prove that you ARE among Real Estate’s Elite.

Get Verified. And immediately differentiate yourself from your competition…

Optimize Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation is the New Black

Google “online reputation.” We just did, and got 38.4 MILLION results. Thirty. Eight. Point. Four. MILLION.

Why so many results? Because online reputation is the new black.

It’s huge, it’s everywhere, and here is what’s scary: (1) this trend is just getting started, and (2) your online reputation is in many respects somewhat out of your control.

But Can You Completely Control YOUR Online Rep?

Why? Here’s why:

  • Because your online reputation is in large part formed by agent review sites
  • Because most of these sites are open to comment from anyone. As a result, you can never be 100% sure that they are honest and accurate
  • Because, in most cases, there is nothing to prevent disguised competitor-created reviews and uncorroborated anonymous reviews
  • Because this view – that agent ratings sites can be of dubious accuracy – is starting to gain broader momentum in our industry

So, if these things are true, what ARE you to do?

What CAN you do to take better control of how you are perceived online?

How to Optimize YOUR Online Reputation

Simple: get Verified.

We created the VPA™ Verification to help honest, competent and professional agents like you to create a strong online reputation.

How? By becoming Verified, and then by driving as much traffic as possible to your personal profile page on When you get Verified, we show you exactly how to do this. <INSERT HYPERLINK TO WHAT’S NEXT PAGE>

When you get Verified you reinforce your trustworthiness, your reputation and your professionalism, online, where people are likely checking you out far more often that you realize.

Get Verified. And take active control of YOUR online reputation now…