Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is
  2. Why would I want to become a Verified Professional Agent (VPA™)?
  3. What is a VPA™?
  4. Why did create the VPA™ Verification?
  5. What gets “Verified?”
  6. How did you determine which “Critical Client Service Characteristics” to use?
  7. What is your definition of “working full time in real estate?”
  8. How does the Verification process work?
  9. How will I gain competitive advantage by becoming a VPA™?
  10. How much does it cost to use
  11. How much does it cost to become a VPA™?
  12. How does the sign-up process work?
  13. What’s the difference between the “Verification” and the myriad of “designations” which are common in real estate?
  14. How do buyers and sellers confirm a VPA™?
  15. What is your strategy for lead generation on
  16. Why would buyers and sellers use when they can find agents on Realtor review sites?
  17. Why don’t you include agent reviews on
  18. How do I get in touch with someone at
  19. What is the privacy policy of
  1. What is is THE place where buyers and sellers come to confirm that you are the cream of the crop of the over one million real estate professionals in the United States. We independently “Verify” the critical client service characteristics that studies have shown the public values the most in great Agents – trustworthiness, honesty and a great reputation – and in doing so create real competitive advantage for Verified Professional Agents™ (VPAs™). Further, we empower you to become a VPA™, which provides you a whole host of additional advantages and enhanced income opportunities (see next point).
  2. Why would I want to become a Verified Professional Agent™ (VPA™)?There are many reasons to become a VPA™. Here are some of the more compelling:
    • On the Mark | The main things buyers and sellers want in an Agent? Trustworthiness, honesty and reputation. The exact things we Verify about you, which positions you to win more clients…
    • Income Protection | A Wall Street Journal study showed that people are willing to pay more for ethically provided goods & services. You’re an honest agent. It’s time for you to leverage that…
    • Reputation Boost | “Online reputation” is one of the hottest topics in real estate today. Objectively show that you’re not like those who cause the industry to have such a poor reputation…
    • We Show You How | We provide immediate training – via live webinars, videos and blog posts – to show you step-by-step how to leverage your VPA™ status to win more business. We make it easy…
    • You’re Special | Less than 1% Agents are VPA™s. Get Verified and gain INSTANT Differentiation. Your VPA™ status is the perfect centerpiece of your personal branding strategy…
    • A Rare Honor | You can’t “buy” VPA™ status. It’s not something you DO…it’s something you ARE. When you become a VPA™, you provide concrete evidence of your professionalism…

    Other benefits:

    • Materials to use as the focal point of your Personal Branding & Marketing
    • Discounts on products & services that are unique to Verified Agents
    • Downloadable Presentations to help you win more listings & buyers
    • Videos you can embed to help explain your VPA™ status to attract more business online (AND MORE)
  3. What is a VPA™? A “VPA™” is a “Verified Professional Agent™,” which is an agent who has been successfully Verified by
  4. Why did create the VPA™ Verification?We created the VPA™ Verification for many reasons, including the following:
    • To create a needed “baseline of professionalism” which before now has never existed in real estate
    • To give the public a way to confirm that they are being represented by a trustworthy, honest and reputable agent
    • To give quality, professional agents an easier way to differentiate themselves from other, less able and less qualified agents
    • To increase the overall level of professionalism in real estate
    • To give competitive advantage to the real professionals in real estate
  5. What gets “Verified?”We independently confirm that every Verified Professional Agent (VPA™) meets the following minimum requirements – which we refer to as our “Critical Clients Service Characteristics” – for Verification:
    • The Agent works full time in Real Estate
    • The Agent has at least 24 sales in the prior 3 years
    • The Agent has at least 10 Fully Satisfied Past Clients would recommend the VPA™ without any hesitation
    • The Agent has at least three peer agents from other firms who attest to VPA™’s professionalism, ethics and competency
    • The Agent has a clean record of ethical conduct
  6. How did you determine which “Critical Client Service Characteristics” to use?We started clean slate and created a list of all the different things that could be a “filter” for this process. “Five-Star-Only” Verifications from past clients. Number of sales. Number of years in which to have those sales. Full-time status. Glowing peer Verifications. A spotless record of professional ethics. Etc. We then tweaked, adjusted and got feedback from industry insiders whose opinions we valued and respected, over and over, until we arrived at what we ended up with. We believe that any agent who can get through all five of our main filters – full-time status, “raving fan” endorsements from a significant number of fully-satisfied past clients, respect and approval of peer agents from other brands, significant recent experience and a clean record of ethical conduct – will very likely be a quality agent. We believe the power is in the totality of the filtering process. 
  7. What is your definition of “working full time in real estate?”Our definition is as follows; Agents who meet both of the following criteria:
    • Earn the majority of their income from the real estate industry, and
    • On average, devote approximately 40 or more hours per week to working in the real estate industry
  8. How does the Verification process work? We independently Verify every aspect of the Agent’s minimum requirements for Verification. We do this using a variety of methods, including Verified email, phone and signed Affidavits. And the requirements are Verified directly with the party responsible for the specific requirement in question.
  9. How will I gain competitive advantage by becoming a VPA™?The highlights are as follows:
    • By using your VPA™ status as the centerpiece of your personal branding and marketing; this will create opportunities to differentiate yourself from your competition, and should provide ample situations to explain to past and prospective clients (1) what it means to be a VPA™, and (2) why your being a VPA™ gives them added confidence and assurance that working with you is the best possible decision for them
    • By using your VPA™ status as an integral part of your listing presentation; we provide you with PowerPoint and Keynote slides to insert into your listing presentation that help you explain the power of the VPA™ Verification. In a competitive listing situation, this is powerful ammunition for you to carry
    • By positioning yourself as one of real estate’s true elite; given how hard it is to get Verified, when you become a VPA™ you instantly position yourself at the top of the industry
    • By positioning yourself to protect your commissions; a study performed by the Wall Street Journal showed that people are willing to pay more for “ethically provided goods and services.” When you become a VPA™, you provide tangible proof of your integrity
    • By optimizing your online reputation; “online reputation” is a huge issue, and it’s only going to become more important over time. We are not aware of any product or service that more directly or more powerfully cements your reputation like our Verification does
    • By giving people EXACTLY the qualities they most want in an agent; the National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers indicates that the qualities people focus on the most when selecting an agent are (1) Honesty and trustworthiness, and (2) Reputation. As we Verify PRECISELY these qualities about you, you are immediately positioned to leverage your integrity and reputation directly into more business
  10. How much does it cost to use Buyers and sellers can use to confirm Agents for free. We want to make the process as smooth and as easy as possible for buyers and sellers to make sure they have the best possible professional representation when they buy or sell a home.
  11. How much does it cost to become a VPA™? The signup fee is $399, which covers the cost of Verification and entitles you to unlimited use of all the members-only content (agents click here for more information).
  12. How does the sign-up process work?The sign-up process is fast and easy. Here are the simple steps:
    • Go to the Agent Sign Up page
    • Confirm that you qualify to be Verified
    • Agree to Terms of Service
    • Provide your credit card information
    • Provide particulars for those who will independently Verify you (contact information for 10 past clients, three peer agents at other brands and your current broker)

    Our Verification Team then reaches out to your Verifying parties to confirm your particulars. Once the process is complete, we will issue you your Verification credentials and you will join the ranks of Real Estate’s elite as a Verified Professional Agent™! That’s it!

  13. What’s the difference between the’s “Verification” and the myriad of “designations” which are common in real estate?The VPA™ is the real estate industry’s first Verification. This is a critical distinction from designations, which are common in the real estate industry; in fact, there are over 100 designations in real estate…but there is only ONE Verification. The Verification is NOT something an agent does – it’s something an agent IS. Further, the Verification is not something an Agent can BUY, which is the case for most designations. If you don’t meet the qualification, you can’t be a VPA™. Period. This ALONE separates it from most designations.
    To earn most designations, Agents need only pay a fee and take a class – most of which last just a few days, and some, just a few hours. Some designations don’t even involve the taking of a test. As a result, many designations don’t carry a lot of weight the buying and selling public. In fact, per the most recent National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, only 1% of those surveyed selected a Realtor primarily because of the designations held by that Agent. In other words, they don’t seem to matter much to the people hiring professionals like you.
    The Verification, on the other hand, is an objective confirmation of the Critical Client Service Characteristics research shows buyers and sellers most want when selecting an Agent: trustworthiness, honesty and a great reputation. In conclusion, the Verification breaks new ground in real estate because (1) it can’t be bought and can only be earned, (2) it’s not something an Agent DOES but simply confirms what an Agent ALREADY IS, and (3) it focuses precisely on those thing that matter most to the home buying-and-selling public.
  14. How do buyers and sellers confirm a VPA™? They simply go to and click the “Confrim a VPA™” button.  We WANT buyers and sellers to be able to confirm you as quickly as possible.
  15. What is your strategy for lead generation on Our primary focus at is empowering Verified Professional Agents™ to leverage their VPA™ status to significant competitive advantage. And we will do this by teaching them how to use that new status in a variety of ways that we think will do all of the following: (1) allow them to clearly differentiate from their competition in a manner that is “image enhancing,” (2) give them a great and compelling reason to communicate with their past and prospective clients, (3) allow them to actively manage their online reputations, (4) allow them to rebrand  themselves (and or augment their existing branding), (5) allow them to prevent further erosion of commission levels, and, most importantly, prove to all that they have exactly those qualities people most desire in a real estate professional: honesty, trustworthiness and a great reputation.
    All that being said, driving consumer traffic to our site is a secondary initiative for us in the early stages of our growth. We fully recognize that the search experience will be lacking until we’ve populated the site with enough VPA™s to make that experience worthwhile. It’s always been part of our plan to focus on building the VPA™ population first, and then driving consumer traffic after that data base was established. And while we acknowledge that part of our value proposition IS this search-and-be-found lead generation functionality, we actually believe the other things I mentioned in the prior paragraph are more valuable and more relevant to the typical agent. There are so many ways for agents to “buy leads” these days that we know we’re going to be unable to compete on that level for quite some time.
    However, by having the VPA™ Verification, we believe that agents can better convert all leads from all sources at a higher and more profitable level.Another part of our strategy is simply engaging the public in Social Media on topics that are peripheral and germane to raising the bar in real estate. We have several larger-scale initiatives planned in terms of public outreaches, and we plan to build brand awareness by doing all of this using the VerifiedAgent Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ accounts. Said more simply, engage the public on all things real estate, help them to understand the difference between average agents and true professionals, and let the brand equity be built one interaction and one consumer at a time.
    Finally, consider this: in accounting, people don’t aspire to reach the pinnacle of that profession – by becoming Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) – so that their name can appear in a search directory. They become CPAs so that they can achieve an entirely different level of status, image, prestige and income. In accounting, becoming a CPA is a move one makes to increase and optimize career opportunities. That’s what we see the VPA™ Verification doing in real estate.
  16. Why would buyers and sellers use when they can find agents on Realtor review sites? The primary difference difference between the myriad of agent rating sites and is that we remove all “bias” that occasionally finds its way into those agent ratings sites. Because, in most cases, there is no Verification or corroboration of the opinions expressed on those sites (and some even allow anonymous comments), buyers and sellers can never be 100% sure that the opinions are legitimate. We’re aware of a number of cases where agents suspect that competitors have written negative reviews about them, and we’ve also heard of situations where agents have been suspected of writing positive reviews about themselves. When buyers and sellers use to confirm an agent, they know we’ve removed all of this bias – good and bad – from the process.
  17. Why don’t you include agent reviews on We don’t include agent reviews on because there are already plenty of agent review sites that you can use. We don’t feel that we would be adding any value to the real estate experience by duplicating what has already been done. The goal of is to provide the most concrete evidence possible of an Agent’s critical client service characteristics via direct, third party Verification and corroboration.
  18. How do I get in touch with someone at Simple. Just click here.
  19. What is the privacy policy of At, we respect your privacy and take responsibility for protecting any information you provide us. See our complete Privacy Policy.