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Why was named a “Genius Brand to Watch?” And a “Watchlist Trend” in the 2012 Swanepoel Trends Report?” And why are people saying all these positive things about us? Because, when you make the decision to become a Verified Professional Agent™, you make a bold and powerful statement about who you are as a Professional. Because so few qualify, when you become a VPA™, you gain instant image enhancement, branding differentiation and competitive advantage…


  • « PROVE you Have Exactly What People Most Want When Choosing an Agent
  • « DIFFERENTIATE from Your Competition and Build Your Brand
  • « OPTIMIZE your Online Reputation to Protect Your Image
  • « LEVERAGE your Ethics into More Closed Sales


Initial Verification $247USD | Annual Re-Verification $77USD

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  • On the Mark

    The #1 things buyers & sellers want in an Agent? Trustworthiness, Honesty & Reputation. The exact things we Verify about you, which positions you perfectly to win more clients.

  • Branding Upgrade

    You will upgrade your branding by including your VPA™ logo in all of your marketing. Have people click & learn about what the VPA™ Verification means and why it so clearly sets you apart.

  • A Rare Honor

    You can’t “buy” VPA status. It’s not something you DO. It’s something you ARE. When you become a VPA™, you provide concrete evidence of your professionalism and integrity.

  • Your Profile

    Your Profile will appear on a website that clearly explains what it means to be a VPA™ and corroborates your status as one of real estate’s elite.  Direct people to your Profile to enhance your image.


  • Reputation Boost

    “Online Reputation” is one of the hottest topics in real estate today. Becoming a VPA™ is the ultimate way to protect, leverage and optimize your online reputation.

  • Income Protection

    A Wall Street Journal study showed that people are willing to pay more for ethically provided goods & services. You’re an honest agent. It’s time for you to leverage that to its fullest potential.

  • You’re Special

    Less than 1% of Agents are VPA™s. Get Verified and gain INSTANT Differentiation. Your VPA™ status is the perfect centerpiece of your personal branding strategy.

  • We Show You How

    We show you how – via videos and blog posts – to leverage your VPA™ status to win more business. We make it easy for you to turn your new status to real competitive advantage.